Fourth of July 2016 
Children's Naturalization Ceremony
Betsy Ross House
April 2016 Meeting

‚ÄčAll Saints Torresdale Graveyard

Genealogy Workshop April 2016 

Historical Society of Frankford

Memorial Day 2016 

Wreath Laying

Tomb Unknown Revolutionary Soldier

Washington Square Park

Flag House Chapter Celebrating Christmas Tea at the beautiful home of Regent Pamela Rivera

December 2014 Meeting

Congratulations to Kathleen Zielinski for 30 years of dedicated service to DAR. 

May 2015 Meeting

Congratulations to Bunny Riehl and Patricia Coyne for their years of dedicated service to DAR.  Patricia is celebrating her 30th  year.  Bunny is celebrating her 20th year.

December 2014 Meeting

Memorial Day 2014
March 2014 Meeting

Congratulations to Betty Bedford for 20 years of  dedicated service to DAR. 

Memorial Day 2013